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In October 2017 the existing cabin at Wooplaw and the composting toilet were burnt down deliberately. The Wooplaw Wardens were faced with a dilemma whether to rebuild it or just clear the site, but due to the public outcry and messages of support, the decision was made to rebuild. We took the decision to make the new cabin as fireproof as possible and to be used meeting place/shelter and leave the ends open to try and discourage people from sleeping in it. After having plans drawn up and funding was secured work started early 2018 and took about 14 months to complete using volunteers to carry out all the work. There is still work to be carried out on the area surrounding the cabin which will hopefully be completed in the next month.

Site Rules


For the benefit of our members we run a booking system to try and avoid two or three groups turning up and expecting to use the cabin and the barbecue at the same time. You won’t necessarily have exclusive use of them as anyone can turn up but we try and arrange it so we don’t book two groups at once.

The person making the booking MUST be a member of Wooplaw Community Woodlands.


There is NO rubbish collection at Wooplaw so please bag ALL of your waste and take it away with you when you leave.


We have neighbours and we get on well with them.

NO music powered by generators may be used without our prior permission.

(In the past, we have asked the police to confiscate generators and associated equipment when groups have failed to cooperate in keeping noise to a reasonable level.)

Acoustic instruments are allowed and are much more appropriate to the natural environment and are less disruptive to wildlife, and the neighbours.


We only allow fires in the stove in the cabin and at the fireplace near the wall in Axehead wood or at the Gullet wood fireplace.


If you want permission for a group of over 12 please contact in the first instance.


There is generous parking at Axehead car park and limited additional parking in the lay-by car park at the entrance to Big Wood.

Please don’t park on the verges, entrances on the opposite side or obstruct the road. A lot of large agricultural vehicles use it.

We do not allow vehicles in the woodlands including the rides without our prior consent.


It’s a compost toilet so please follow the instructions;

Try not to use it if possible.

If you need a wee go behind a tree.

After use, sprinkle a handful of sawdust/ashes into it.

Don’t use it as a waste bin.

Volunteer to empty it next time.

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